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Type of Tournament

This is a 3 on 3 Basketball tournament with each team needing 1 substitute. All games will be 10 minutes guided by referees. Fouls will be called. This is a double elimination tournament. 

  • 1 point for free throws

  • 2 points for anything inside the arch

  • 3 points for any shot outside the arch.

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Age Groups

We are excited to announce that for this years tournament we will have three age groups competing.

  • 7 years to 10 years

  • 11 years to 14 years

  • 15 years to 17 years

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This year in each age bracket the winning team will receive Target gift cards for each member of the team. There will only be 4 people per team.

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Register Your Team

Have your squad ready? Once you have the 4 people who will participate in your team you can register below and lock in your spot for the tournament.

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Tournament will be held at McClatchy Park in Oak park at the Basketball Courts. Find the registration table to pick up your teams info, name tags, and game times.


3500 5th Ave,

Sacramento, CA 95817

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  • Is this tournament Co-Ed? Yes, teams can be co-ed but do not have to be. 

  • How many people play at one time? This tournament is a 3x3 basketball tournament with 1 sub. 

  • How long is each game? 10 minute games.

  • Full court or half court? All games will be half court.

  • How many games elimination? You have to lose twice to be out. 

  • Will there be referees? Yes. Referees will call fouls. 

  • Can my team just show up or do we have to register? All teams must register.

JUNE 10TH FLYER (Square).png
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