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  • Bathrooms

  • Showers (quarters required)

  • Running water at site (wash cooking utensils)

  • Fire Ring (camp fire)

Camping Options

  1. 1/2 site (1-4 people & 1 car) - $75.00

  2. full site (5-8 people & 2 cars) - $150.00


  • Worship Services

  • Campfires

  • Resting

  • Hiking

  • Fishing

  • Swimming

  • Mountain Biking

  • Spending time with your church family

map camp 2024.png

Ready to register & save your spot?

Click the link below to register for this year's church camp. You will see options and different amounts to pay. Depending on when you register you will also be offered a payment plan.​


  • Are there cabin options? Sorry, not this year.

  • Does it get cold at night? It can get a little cold. Please bring a sweater.

  • How does food work? Bring your own food to cook, cooking utensils, and a portable stove. Usually everyone shares food so there is always plenty to eat. You can also share someone's stove. 

  • How far are the restrooms? Walking Distance. Make sure to bring quarters for the showers. 

  • When are worship services? Friday night, Saturday night. Please bring a camping chair.

  • If I reserve a half site does that mean someone else have get the other half? Yes, whoever purchases a half site will share with you.

  • Boats, Jetski's and RV's? Yes you can bring a boat and RV but no jetski's.

Campground Address

23333 Scotts Flat Rd Nevada City, CA  95959

Camping Trip duration

Fri 2:00pm to Sun 12:00pm

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