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We seek to be a reflection of heaven where there will be a multitude of people from all different ethnic, cultural and generational background.  In this way, we seek to be a visual mosaic community.


We know that Jesus told us to "go out into all the world" and that we cannot be obedient to that charge while staying dormant behind our four walls.  We engage in community events and outreaches to serve Sacramento and impact lives for Christ.

Students & Kids

We are intentional with our young people that parents choose to entrust to us.  We are keenly aware that they are the generation of today and the leaders of tomorrow.  We seek to invest in the future of the world by showing love to and discipling our students and kids.

Authentic Worship

We read that God looks for those who will worship Him in spirit and in truth.  Whether we are singing on Sunday, giving monetary resources, making a right choice or having a conversation - we know that all we do should be for the glory and honor of God and in that way, we worship Him with our authentic lives.

In-Depth Teaching

We are not satisfied with surface-level teaching every time that we get into the Word of God.  We are committed to ask tough questions, be honest and vulnerable with ourselves, with God and with others as we dig deeper into the Bible and apply to our own lives.


We are created to live in community.  We believe that the Christian faith is modeled in community by our God in his very nature and that we, as a community of believers, should do the same.  We don't just want to come together on Sunday mornings, but rather, we want do life together. 

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