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We believe Strong believers make a strong church and a strong church builds the Kingdom of God 

Have you wanted to grow more in your faith and ministry? We believe discipleship is the most important step in one's faith after coming to Christ. There are many believers who have attended church for years but cannot say that they have truly been discipled. Our aim in discipleship is helping you become more like Christ in every area of your life. Below are 5 areas in our church we call the arm of discipleship.


To register click on the image of the discipleship program you would like to sign-up for.  

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Growth Track

You are going to love Growth Track. You will learn the foundations of the Christian faith, practical tools to draw closer to God, and how to live out your faith. This course has 4 levels and is 18 weeks long. It is taught Sunday mornings. 9:15am in English and 10:45am in Spanish. 

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Deliverance Training

This is a spiritual journey and training to help you help set others free from the demonic strongholds in the lives of believers.

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Bible Study

Studying the Bible is one of the most important thing a believer can do. The Bible is truth.  Jesus is truth. And, the studying Bible we will learn all about who God is and what He says about you. Join us weekly for our Bible studies. We have groups in English as well as in Spanish.

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CR Step Studies

Ready to get to the root? CR Step Studies takes each person through 4 levels and with accountability from the group. 

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Leadership Track

Have you taken our growth track? Are you ready to build on your leadership skills? Our leadership track is meant to help you serve God and others to best of your ability. You will learn valuable tools to help you define the way you lead. Sign-up for our next session of Leadership Track.

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