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This one is fun for parties or just to pass the time while you’re waiting for your meal at a restaurant. For these games, you just pick a topic such as animals, countries, etc. and go through the alphabet naming something from that category. For example: Anteater, Bonobo, Cat, Dog… You carry on like that until you get to the end or someone loses!



This game can be played anywhere, even in a car or other small space. One person is Simon and starts by saying, "Simon says, '[insert action here]'. " Everyone must then do the action. However, if Simon makes an action request without saying, "Simon says" to begin the request, anyone who does that action is out. The last person still playing in the end will be Simon for the next round. Number of Players: A small group. Equipment: No




This is a variation of Tag where if the person who is "it" tags you, you have to freeze where you are. Another participant can tag you to unfreeze you. Number of Players: A small group. Equipment: None. 



The first hand-clap game most people have played is Pat-a-Cake with their parents. Songs and patterns get much more complicated from there. Usually there are two people involved, doing a series of clap patterns on their own and each other's hands while singing or chanting a rhythmic song. There are many rhymes listed online, but if you can learn from someone else or see it in a video, that is best, so that you can get the notes of the song and the rhythm of the clapping. From "Miss Mary Mack" to "Miss Susie" to "Say, Say, My Playmate," there are countless hand clap games to learn. Number of Players: Usually two, but creativity can allow for a third or fourth person. Equipment: None.



  1. Choose one person to be in charge of the music. When the music starts, everyone else dances, the crazier the better. When the music stops, the dancers must freeze in their position. Anyone caught moving after that is out. Play continues until there is one person left, the winner. Number of Players: Any number. Equipment: Music player or person making music. 

  2. Clap Song- think of a song and clap it! See if the other players can guess what song! Alternatively, you can leave out the words and just hum the song until the other players can guess what it is.



Create a story together, one sentence at a time! One person says the first sentence, then the next person adds on to that.

This activity is great for reinforcing early writing concepts of needing a beginning, middle, and end. Of course, just being silly and having fun is fine too!



When you’re ready to play, put an item inside the box or bag and have your children guess what it is. They can ask questions about the item if they need to, or you can offer clues. Get as ooey-gooey as you wish (fresh pumpkin seeds or slimy spaghetti) use such simple objects as a brush, a toy, a piece of fruit. To make it competitive, you can give a point to the first child to name the object.

Balloon Toss - blow a couple of balloons and toss In the Air- keeping balloons Off the ground. You can use a timer to beat players times- who keeps balloon up the longest. 

Simon Says - I had so much fun playing this game with teachers even in 5th grade! But this time, you are the leader and get to work the kids up into a frenzy. First, choose someone to be “Simon”. Simon either begins a command with “Simon Says” or not. To stay in the game, kids only must follow the commands that begin with “Simon Says”. If you want to make the game difficult for older kids, simply issue commands faster and faster, and make the needed actions more and more difficult to complete.

Dancing - turn up the music, – This physical activity is obviously for all age groups; go ahead and make it a competition for your older kids! Or start and stop the music, having the kids freeze, to make it a laugh fest!

Cards - Crazy 8’s, Go Fish, Match or 21 - helps with math:) 

Hot Potato

This physical activity will get giggly! Simply get a soft ball (not a softball!) or a rolled up sock and toss it to a child. Tell them toss it to someone else as quickly as possible. Everyone repeats this. When does this game end? Who knows? Just get rid of it!

*Variations – Play short segments of music while they toss the “potato”, stop the music, and the last one to touch it after the music stops is out. The last child in wins.

Follow the Leader

No real trick here – just follow where the leader goes! Under a table? Over a tree stump? Into the kiddie pool? Oh noooo!!!

*Variations – This physical activity can easily go along with Simon Says, and instead of the kids just following, they also have to do exactly what the leader does. Jumping jacks, dancing, headstands, whatever!


Charades - is always fun, pick a animal or person, place or thing, these can be made up first on cards. And have child pick card and act out what is on the cards.

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